Sep 28

Border Leicester and Border Leicester/BFL sheep For Sale

Hannah, 3/4  Border Leicester ewe boys for saleLouise, 1/2 Border Leicester ewe   Small flock available consisting of a 3/4 Border Leicester ewe, a 1/2 Border Leicester ewe with her Shetland ewe lamb, a 1/2 natural colored ewe, and either a registered BL white or natural colored ram lamb or Bl/BFL natural colored ram lamb.  …

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Sep 17

Farewell To Ebony May 1998 – September 2014

My oldest Border Leicester ewe, Ebony, left us on the 12th  She had been going down hill the last couple of weeks and when she quit eating I knew it was just a matter of time.  All my ewe flock originates from her and her triplet sister, ivory, who passed two years ago at age …

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Aug 30

Autumn Clemantis

Our Autumn Clemantis is in full bloom.  Until today it has been extremely dry and very hot.  We received over 3 1/2 inches of rain today. PTL!

Aug 23

Beatrice 2004 – 2014

After trying for 3 days to save her, Beatrice decided to go on home.  She was a very sweet Border Leicester ewe.  I have a very nice fleece from her this year that I plan to blend with a colored mohair fleece.  She is shown here earlier in the spring with her ram lamb, Samuel.  …

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Aug 19

Registered Border Leicester Ram Lambs and Blue Face Leicester/Border Leicester Ram Lambs for Sale

May 12


Ebony turned 16 on May 5th. She was one of a set of Border Leicester triplets born while we were still in North Georgia.  She and her white sister, Ivory, traveled to our new home with their mother, Queen,16 years ago.  I lost Ivory two years ago, but have several of her daughters and granddaughters.  …

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Bunny Blue our purebred BFL ewe presented us with a big BFL Border Leicester ram lamb early this morning.  My husband went out at 10 last night after hearing her carrying on.  She was just letting us know that a birth was to be expected.  Bill put his cot next to her in the lot and went to sleep.  Around 5 am she went into hard labor and the lamb had to be pulled.  Lamb and ewe are fine.  Thank you Jesus for helping us get him born.  He will be for sale later on this year.Mother's Day BFL and Border Leicester Ram Lamb

May 03

BFL Cross Lambs

So far we have 3 rams and 1 ewe born, all colored.  The ewe may be sold.  Waiting on one more BFL to lamb. They are priced at $125 each.

Mar 26

BFL Cross lambs due in April

I am expecting at least 3 BFL/Border Leicester lambs in April.  One ewe is a BFL/BL cross and the other two are registered BFLs.

Jan 19

Picture – 3/30/2006 – 1/16/2014

Picture, our oldest Blue Face Leicester, left us Thursday.  She was completely normal in the morning, eating and wanting attention and when I called her and her 3 companions in for the evening I found her dead.  She leaves behind a beautiful BFL/Border Leicester ewe named Leggs. Picture was bred in Wisconsin by the Richerts …

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