Oct 25

Ewe Lambs For Sale

As of this date, 10/24/12, I have one 1/2 Border Leicester 1/2 BFL ewe lamb (twin) for $125, she is white and one CVM Cross and Border Leicester 3/4 white ewe lamb (twin) for sale for $95.00.  This ewe has more CVM type fleece than Border Leicester.  I also have a 1/2 Border Leicester 1/2 Shetland white ewe lamb for $95.00.  This lamb has great spinning fleece, very long and open, good for beginner. I would like to sell her wether twin also and I would take $85.00 for him.  Also has the same type fleece.  Their mother is a moorit color Shetland.  If you are interested, contact me at nancybarnett_98@yahoo.com.  Some delivery could be arranged.

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  1. wyatt king

    Do you have any lambs for sale still.

    1. mamaewe

      I have the 1/2 BFL BL ewe, a 3/4 cvm cross/BL ewe and a Shetland/BL ewe lamb for sale, all are white and have excellent fleece. Email me at nancybarnett_98@yahoo.com for more information.

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