May 16

Lambs, Lambs, Lambs

The lambs have arrived. First to arrive were Border Leicester/BFL ewe lambs born to one of our registered BFL ewes. One looks like a BL and is named Lessie and the other looks like a BFL and is named Bluie. They will be for sale. We have a nice ram lamb from our younger BFL ewe and sired by our white BL ram, he will be for sale and finally another BFL/BL ewe named Leggs that we willl keep.

I have a white white with black yuglet eye patches Purebred Shetland ram lamb that will be for sale. He should have perfrect horns like his sire and grandsire.

We have several 3/4 Border Leicester ewe lambs and several wether lambs that will also be for sale. The lambs are eating very good in the creep and I hope will be ready for new homes by the lst of August if not sooner. If you are interested in any of them, please call me at 573-238-5961 or email nancybarnett_98@yahoo.com.

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