Mar 15

MANDA 1993-2012

We lost our oldest sheep Monday, she was 19. Manda was born on our farm in Baker, FL and her mother was a Jacob sheep named Panda. Panda did not have horns, but Manda acquired two prongs that she didn’t hesitate to use on the other sheep when she was at the feed trough.

We have Manda’s daughter, Moose, and she is a 4 horned sheep whose father was a purebred Jacob. I understand that if you don’t breed Jacob to Jacob you will not get the colored and white patches, only colored patches, which Moose has.

Manda lingered on during the winter months in a nice stall where she was wrapped up during the night in a warm blanket. Even though in the last few months she could not stand without help, she got feed and water throughout the day and was looked in on before I went to bed at night.

I believe that God has a place in Heaven for all the animals and I will see them all again.

I know Manda and her friends are enjoying green lush pastures where there will never be any more stress from shearing and worming.

Enjoy Eternity, Manda.

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