Sep 14

Shetland Sheep

We have both registered and part-bred Shetland sheep available for sale. If you are interested in getting started with Shetland sheep, we offer special small starter flocks available with purebred ram and part-bred ewes at reasonable prices. We know our sheep personally. Hand spinning fleeces selected by hand spinner are also for sale. Our farm is located in the Missouri Ozarks.

Please feel free to contact me for more information.

You can email me at: nancybarnett_98@yahoo.com
By Regular mail at:
Nancy Barnett
Rt 2 Box 2360
Alton,MO 65606

Or by Phone: (573) 238-5961

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  1. sharon knickmeyer

    My daughter Emma and I are wanting to buy some registered shetland sheep. We used to raise them and would like to get back into it again. Do you have any ewe lambs and possibly a ram lamb that could be used for breeding them in the future.
    Emma is in 4-H. Please let us know what you have available.
    Thank you for your help,
    Sharon Knickmeyer

    1. calamitybrandybelle

      Hi, My name is Lynda and I am helping Nancy to get her site going. Just for your information since I don’t know what she has available at this moment, but I have two of this years ram lambs that would be available. One is jet Black (but his dad was a light grey) and the other is Moorit Brown. Mine would not be related to any ewes you bought from Nancy. She may have non-related rams as well… just giving you an option.

      I’ll make sure Nancy gets this message and gets back to you soon.

  2. Theresa Thompson

    I am interested in getting a couple of Shetland sheep. I want to learn to spin wool and I think two fixed males or two ewes would work for me. Can you tell me what you have for sale. I don’t need registered animals. But I would like pure Shetlands.
    Thank you.
    Theresa Thompson

    1. mamaewe

      Hi Theresa

      Sorry for the long delay in answering, I am just learning the website and Lynda came by today and helped me with it.

      I have one ewe lamb from last year that will be grey, she is black now, that is available. She is purebred, but not registered because I do not know which one of my Shetland rams is her father. I will be lambing soon and will have some more Shetlands available. The little boys we can wether and I get $75 for them. I would take $100 for the unregistered ewe.

      Where are you located?


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