Dec 17

Another Year Coming To A close

This has been a very fast year, of course, the older you get, the faster it goes.  I went to 13 festivals this year from Missouri to Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Iowa, Wisconsin and Arkansas.  I won a second place in Shetland yarn at Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival and my Border Leicester ewe, Ebony’s fleece won a second in the natural colored medium fleece class also at Wisconsin.  A big thank you to all my students in the classes I taught, I a looking forward to doing it next year.

I still have 2 Border Leicester ram lambs for sale and 2 BFL/Border Leicester ram lambs for sale.  They really have some nice fleece on them and are very nice boys.

We said goodbye to Ebony, our 16 year old Border Leicester ewe, several of the old wethers, and another Border Leicester Ewe, Beatrice.

I am only breeding 6 of the Borders this year and no Shetlands.  The Shetland ram is on lease for the next two years, so hopefully no more accidential Shetland breedings.  If you are interested in a Border Leicester ewe lamb, let me know.  I already have a waiting list for them.

Shetlands Nettie and Bandaro wish you a VERY Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.Christmas Lambs 2014







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