Dec 27


Icicles on the south side of our little rock school house home

Icicles on the south side of our little rock school house home

2013 was a successful year for teaching and vending in fiber festivals. I was a vendor/teacher in 14 festivals.  My favorite was Michigan Fiber Festival in August.  Thanks to all who took my classes and purchased fiber from me at all of them.

We lost some of our special friends this year; our Border Leicester ram Elmer and two of our Border Leicester Ewes; Eva and Sadie.  We also lost our Shetland ram Tonto who is the sire of most of my Shetland ewes.  He has plenty of protegy to carry on his line.  It is always a sad time when they go, but like all of us, this has to happen.  We try to make sure they have had a happy and peaceful life.

I will be attending the Missouri Fiber Retreat in Jefferson City, March 7-9, 2014 and teaching an Angora rabbit class.  I will be teaching and vending at quite a few other festivals in 2014. 

We have escaped all the bad ice storms during December, but have had very cold temperatures.  This winter is starting out very cold, a rare occurrence for this part of southern Missoui.

I want to wish you all a BLESSED NEW YEAR and hope to see you at the festivals.




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  1. Judy Jones

    Hi Nancy!
    What a wonderful website, congratulations! You deserve every success that you achieve, for you have worked very hard at perfecting your knowledge and your production. I should know–have known you a very long time! Do you remember the ram lamb we bought from you? Well, I am downsizing my flock, and wondered if you would like to have him. He is white, with lovely horns.

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