Nov 10

Fall Update

English Angora with Yarn 2013

November is a busy month.  We are getting ready to breed two groups of Border Leicesters and a very small group of Shetlands.  We lost our Shetland Ram, Tonto recently and he will be greatly missed.  He was rescused from the slaughter truck and given to me by my friend Mary Ellen Kelly.  He sired most of my ewe lambs (most of his lambs were ewes) and he will live on through them.

I still do not have my fiber mill up, looked at a prospective place to buy yesterday.  Looks and feels ok, but have to make a real low offer so am waiting to do that.  Banks are not real receptive to a fiber mill here, but it will come to pass.

My blue and white Harlequin bunny had 6 babies yesterday, 4 of them harleys, so I will have some for sale next year.  My bunnies were not productive this year, due to the cheaper feed I was feeding them.  I have added black oil sunflower seed, Calf Manna, and oatmeal to the Purina Show feed that I changed to.

I purchased a breeding pair of Germans while at Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival this year, a black doe and white buck.  I have hopes of finally getting Germans next year.

I will be attending show in Alabama, Tennessee, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Arkansas in 2014.  Hope to see you there!





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  1. Lisa Hovis

    Good morning, I am trying to acquire a young, nice quality english angora buck. I would appreciate if you can help me out with a name and number. I am having a difficult time on locating them in southeast Missouri. Thank you so much, Mrs. Lisa Hovis

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