Sep 02

Barakel Farm Fiber Mill

I have purchased a Paula’s Rover and Patrick Green Powered Picker and will soon have it up and running.  The Rover was only made for several years and sits on a table and produces roving only.  It is a super machine.  I plan to specialize in Angora rabbit fiber blending.  As soon as I am confident in producing a good product I will start taking in small amount of fiber to process.


the Fiber Mill is now up and running (July 10, 20125).  I am taking limited amounts of fiber.  I prefer to process 1-3 lbs and can add Angora rabbit, bamboo and silk noil for blended rovings.  Email me at nancybarnett_98@yahoo.com for prices and information.  I will be at Fiber U at the Lebanon, MO civic center July 18-19 if you want to leave fiber with me.Paula's Rover 003Paula's Rover 002I really like the picked wool made into clouds too.

picked Shetland 002



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  1. Karen Ratcliff

    I raise alpacas and I am interested in learning to spin. I haven’t bought a spinning wheel yet will you be processing other fibers besides rabbit? Would it benifit me to come to the classses Nov 11 and 12

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