Sep 02

All my Border Leicester Ewe Lambs have been sold for 2013 – taking orders for 2014.

I will also have some BL/BFL Leicester lambs for sale (hopefully).  I am selling most of my Shetlands to cut down on feeding and work.  Email me if you are interested in a starter flock of Shetlands with a ram.

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  1. Becky

    I am interesting in Leicester lambs and shetland sheep/lambs. Can you send me info on your flock and prices and any ready dates?


    1. mamaewe

      All my Border and BFL/BL lambs are due in Late March, early April. I usually sell them for $200 each unless they are exceptional. The Borders will be registred with the American Border Leicester Association. I did not breed any of my Shetlands, except one got bred accidently with the Shetland ram for June.

  2. mamaewe

    My Border Leicester and BFL/Border Leicester lambs are due in late March early April. The Borders will be registered with the Amberican Border Leicester Association and my usual prices will be $200 each unless they are especially exceptional.

  3. Apothefaery

    I’m interested in your available livestock for this coming season, any CVM or BFL lambs or sheep this year?

  4. Heidi Johnston

    Nancy- am looking for a shetland or cross for companion to my big old cormo wether, have you got anything available?

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